Dr. Devi

Name: Deviana Himawan

Year of Graduation: January, 2010

Date Joined: August, 2011

Seminars & Symposium:

  • TEOSYAL Workshop 2015, held by TEOSYAL
  • IMSA Workshop in Taiwan, held on August, 2016
  • IMCAS Asia 2017, Bali 2017
  • Certificated on PHOTODAMAGE Skin Update presented by Ikatan Dokter Indonesia, July 2013
  • Involved in the APEOD Group. This was the 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Society of Dermatology and Venereology presented by PERDOSKI, 2013
  • DERMA TOTHERAPY Certification Skill Update on Symposium and Seminars held by the Dermatovenereology Division in Universitas Indonesia, 2013

Doctor Deviana Himawan joined NMW Skincare in 2010. Starting a career as a young doctor did not detract her from extending and deepening her knowledge pertaining to aesthetic science skin care, and this knowledge has served her very well, as she has had the experience of dealing with several hundred skin care ailments and conditions throughout her time with NMW. She now holds the position as the Clinical Director at the NMW Outlet in Petogogan, South Jakarta. As well as being a highly skilled aesthetic doctor, DR. Devi is also a very warm and bubbly personality, and her positive outlook and warm approach has endeared her to many clients. She has appeared on numerous TV Shows and in the print media speaking about her experience and representing NMW with distinction, and her knowledge of the implementation of Botox and Filler treatments is indeed exemplary.

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