NMW Story

NMW Story

The name NMW Skin Care is derived from the company as CEO Dr. Nataliani Mawardi - the word Mawar meaning a?Rosea.

The first NMW was opened in 2007 in Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta, with doctor Nataliani running this small general practice singlehandedly.

Now A in 2015 this practice still functions from it as original premises in Petogogan street, but has expanded into a full-blown Skin Care Clinic and Pharmacy, employing 60 staff including 5 doctors, 12 nurses and 11 therapists, as well another 140 staff (including another 15 doctors) in NMW Branches in Jakarta, as well as one branch Yogyakarta, Dr. Nataliani as hometown.

NMW 2015 forges ahead with plans for exponential growth in the booming Indonesian health and lifestyle market. In 2016, NMW Skincare collaborated with Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia and Singapore to develop The Lifestyle Clinic in Indonesia. For the first time, we are able to offer our patients a comprehensive and complete the latest Aesthetic and Skincare treatment with affordable cost without sacrificing quality.

Future plans are to open the NMW Skin Care Centre in Central Jakarta, and other more luxurious branches throughout Jakarta. 2017, NMW will open 2 more branches in small town at the outskirt of Jakarta and west Jakarta.

With an eye to becoming a significant market leader, NMW utilizes reliable skin care products combined with hi-tech aesthetic equipment and the latest treatments, so aiming to provide value for money

skincare treatment to a median income demographic. Retaining our ever loyal and expanding median income customer base, NMW looks to secure future expansion in the high end market place.

New premises and greater investment in technology will see NMW reach new market sectors in the firmament of lifestyle aficionados. Jakarta is a buzzing centre of aspiring, upwardly mobile fashion and culture conscious city dwellers – musicians, artists, models and actors who will beat a path to NMW’s new upmarket offerings. Other Indonesian cities naturally follow suit taking Jakarta as their lead.

It as hard to explain why NMW has made a difference in 2015 in the Indonesian Skin Care Market, where hundreds of new little parlors and clinics open and close again just as quickly. One reason why NMW is doing so well is that we do not do as others do, but aim at setting the trend in a sustainable and consistent way. NMW is here for the duration.

NMW’s recent growth is a tribute to our commitment to excellent service and products.

Our Doctor

Dr. Nataliani Mawardi


CEO's NMW Skin Care

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Dr. Deviana Himawan


Doctor Deviana Himawan joined NMW Skin Care in 2010

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Dr. Magdalena Niken Pattimahu


Doctor Niken as joined NMW Skin Care since September 2010.

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Dr. Uray Steffy Aditia Yudifar


Doctor Steffy Aditia joined NMW Skin Care in February 2014

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