Thread Lifts

As we age, our skin become thinner, less elastic, decrease in tensile strength and more susceptible to sun damage. It is mainly due to the loss of collagen fibers and elastin. This results in less stretchable skin and lost of tensile strength to lift up the underlying fat compartment. Besides, there will be a certain amount of volume loss as we grow older. The degree of volume loss differs from one another and is directly proportionate to the severity of saggy skin. Most importantly, never to forget that gravity also contributes to saggy skin. The pulling effect of gravity accelerates the whole process. To treat saggy skin, there are both surgical and non-surgical treatments available.
Thread Lifts


It is a non-surgical thread lift that has a lifting and collagen regeneration effect. It gives an instant lift and the results last for approximately 18 months. It is often used for brow lift, non-surgical face lift with softening of the jawline, nasolabial folds and marionette line.